``the diary of a mum``

The birth of a baby is an experience that completely takes over and turns our lives upside down. Our lifestyle changes and it’s not always easy to face the challenges of being a parent in a mindful way.

Moments of intense joy are intermingled with moments of concern. Will I know how to be a good mum? What will my life be like after the baby is born? Will my relationship with my partner change? How do you prepare for the arrival of a child?
In order to live the birth of a new baby in the serenest way possible, it’s vital to understand what happens to our bodies, right from the very first months of pregnancy.

It’s also important for a woman to be able to express her strengths or feelings of anxiety; continue a good fitness regime to maintain a positive relationship with her body; help dad feel involved in the pregnancy; have a healthy sex life, and enjoy moments of closeness and relaxation, which are all elements that will help your child grow up in a harmonious environment.

After birth, most women can’t wait to get home with their baby to start their new life together. The first few days are certainly the hardest because the parents are often very tired and unprepared. This is why it’s important to prepare for baby’s arrival before the birth: decorating their room and buying everything you need for those first days; organising a relaxing corner for breastfeeding and prepping the bathroom so you can take care of bath time as comfortably as possible.

This is why we’ve decided to follow this New Adventure of the new mum every step of the way. It’s the diary of a journey where we will walk by the mother’s side, sharing in her fears, anxieties, joy and the immense emotions that this New Adventure brings.