What is Cosmos Organic Certification?
Cosmos Organic Certification is the European standard for organic cosmetics. These strict guidelines are recognised on both a European and international scale and have been developed by the 5 principal European certification bodies for natural and organic cosmetics.

What are Cosmos Organic standards?
The COSMOS-standard establishes the requirements that must be met for a cosmetic to be labelled organic or natural. In order for a quality cosmetic product to obtain the COSMOS-standard, it must respect the requirements for the protection of animals and the environment. Products must also comply with the regulations in force and be classified using internationally recognised terminology and guidelines, starting from the definition of the various cosmetic ingredients, right the way through to the calculations for working out the percentage of organic and natural components and petrochemical residues. There are two certification levels: COSMOS NATURAL for natural cosmetics, and a higher standard for organic cosmetics, called COSMOS ORGANIC.



ICEA, (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) is one of the most important certification bodies in Europe, which works to foster the fair and socially sustainable development of organic agriculture and other bioecological sectors.

Cà Medici Bio Baby wipes have been formulated using raw materials that respect the strictest ICEA standards and are certified as Natural Cosmetics because:

  • • They only contain materials from organic or spontaneous cultivations
  • • They don’t use products that are questionable from an ecological perspective, either in the product ingredients or the packaging
  • • They don’t contain dangerous chemical ingredients, allergens, irritants or any other substances that are proven to be hazardous to human health
  • • They have a low environmental impact, because the packaging is kept to a minimum and is only made from recyclable materials
  • • The products and the production processes are kind to human health and the environment
  • • They use raw materials that satisfy the expectations of consumers, who is attentive to environmentally sustainable production processes


FSC certification guarantees that the products come from responsibly managed forests, that are beneficial on an environmental, social and economic scale.

Research & development: Constant research into cutting-edge cosmetic formulas that use the full potential of the active ingredients.
Quality: Safe and effective formulas that guarantee the wellbeing of the body.
The production line: The use of only select raw materials from organic, spontaneous or bioorganic cultivations.
Safety: Our laboratories collaborate with the Cosmetology Department of the Ferrara University, to guarantee maximum skin tolerability.
Sustainability: Nature is precious to us, this is why we use eco-sustainable packaging to help conserve our planet.
Protection of animals: Our products are not tested on animals.
Made in Italy: All our products are manufactured entirely in Italy.